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This is a Dutch invention..😮
I'm also very sorry for the automobile being a German invention that first brought freedom to the people and then turned the infrastructure of entire countries into car-dependant concrete wasteland - concrete, for which you need... sand . It went too far #galekkerfietsen!
Visibility is key - there are signs for cars, parking lots for cars, cars everywhere. The public space is basically advertising space for car companies. This is what average people see day to day and perceive as normal. They buy cars because it’s what their neighbors do. Awesome to see more cargobikes and signs in public space. It was me who sold his impractical single speed bike racing bike 1 week after i moved to NL and started observing people on regular omafiets and crate carrying all their stuff. Now that I see more and more people with cargobikes and the connected use cases in the real world, it got me as well :D