Pushing Local Businesses after COVID
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My core competencies are somewhat mixed - there's this ambitious UXer and frontend developer, with a background in photography and online marketing. I'm someone who likes to trade goods myself, buy and sell goods, celebrate that community aspect about it and am a regular customer at my local kebab shop, supporting the local businesses.
But how can I add value to the community with my portfolio? How can I help people, business people with families get back on track after the pandemic? Create impact in the real world?

I once bought a camera

A starting point of the idea was that I bought a 360 degree camera 2 years ago. But who would have thought that I bought it in the end only for 5 photos? A complete waste. Since it didn't generate much interest in the second hand marketplace, I thought: what other use cases have I not considered so far?

How to make a business out of it

Clearly, stores, bars & pubs. Customers want to look into store locations and get an overview before booking a location or visiting a restaurant.

Starting with a Landing Page