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Upcoming projects

Jun 17, 2020
Computer Vision

IoT / Arduino

Having one of the worst climate killers in my home, a Nespresso machine, is not making me happy. I already stopped using their capsule ecosystem but now, the machine is just being used as room decoration. But what if I could harvest it for the better?

Upcycling the internals

After a bit of research, I found this project, where a coffee machine is used for automated watering. While this project requires you to remove the heating unit in the coffee machine while somehow hooking it up to an Arduino, yet another project describes the pure removal of the water pump.
While up-cycling coffee machines sounds cool in general, I was wondering whether there were any approaches for automated watering solely based on existing energy / forces. The plants make use of it - why can't the tech behind it leverage existing energy?

Using natural forces

Indeed there is a way, to leave out the pump, just by using the power of gravity. When checking my balcony capabilities, I found that there would be ways to attach a water tank to a higher point, while the watered plants live in a lower position.

But how to power everything? The Arduino - the servos?

Yet another use case for the servos: I found that optimizing the grade of efficiency of solar panels can be improved by making sure to use the right angle towards the sun.


  • Create interactive camping van concept in Roblox so I can better empathise with the physical camping van I am planning to build next year

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