[W5] Learning and decision-making
[W5] Learning and decision-making
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Published Date
Oct 11, 2019
  1. People make most decisions unconsciously, which does not mean they are irrational or bad. However, users still want a rational, logical reasoning for the decision they make - so for us designers is it crucial to know, the unconcious motivations of our user group to encourage their action.
  1. Mood influences the decision-making process - the state of mood can and has be influenced by using small things like videos. People in good mood will rate a product as being more valuable to them as people in bad mood. If there just was a way to detect the current emotional state of the user, we designers could react with different solutions for a variety of emotional stages. But even without knowing them, we are still able to find and build on the emotional stages most likely for the user group we design for.
  1. People learn best from examples - Don’t just tell people what to do. Show them and guide them through the process.